Ben Carlson Paddle Out Memorial – Newport Beach, CA

This was an amazing tribute to a real-life hero, Ben Carlson. Ben died serving his community. I am particularly proud that the fire service recognized this as a line of duty death. In my humble opinion this is no different that a firefighter being killed in a structure fire, or a police officer who is killed in the line of duty. I attended this ceremony with an engine from my department as well as sending a rescue boat to the morning paddle out. I was Continue reading →

Firefighter Physical Training Requirements

The firefighter physical training requirements are as varied as you could imagine. Some believe the best way to train to become a firefighter is to work out with heavy weights. I advocate a combination of strength and fitness. Standard firefighting equipment is heavy and cumbersome. A Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) weighs roughly 50 pounds. A 50 foot length of 3 inch hose also weighs 50 pounds and firefighter turnout gear adds another fifteen pounds. It’s not uncommon to be wearing over 100 pounds while climbing stairs Continue reading →