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Be the serious candidate

There is no one “silver bullet” available to get the best score in any of the areas of testing for the position of Firefighter. By a “silver bullet” I mean one text to study, one fitness routine, one oral interview response that will get you the badge 100% of the time. The process comes down to this: “You have a lifetime to prepare for most, if not all, aspects of this and many other jobs.” You, the “serious candidate,” know in advance of each application Continue reading →

Public Speaking Experience Will Improve Your Oral Interview Scores

If you are uncomfortable getting up in front of a group, you must take steps to overcome your fear. The most significant percentage of the testing process is the interview, and ultimately a large part of the job deals with public speaking! You won’t talk a fire out, but you will talk to different groups about how to prevent them. If you can present yourself well in an interview, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the others who can’t. Even if the other candidates Continue reading →