Be the serious candidate

There is no one “silver bullet” available to get the best score in any of the areas of testing for the position of Firefighter. By a “silver bullet” I mean one text to study, one fitness routine, one oral interview response that will get you the badge 100% of the time. The process comes down to this: “You have a lifetime to prepare for most, if not all, aspects of this and many other jobs.” You, the “serious candidate,” know in advance of each application you submit that an oral, written, background, physical ability, and psychological profile test will occur. You should also understand that out of all the candidates who apply, only 10% of them are serious.

The Competitors (the serious competition), as I will refer to them, have the mindset that pursuing the greatest job in the world (that of the firefighter) requires that they be ready at all times. They don’t always know who is going to test and when thus the “lifestyle” of the competitor allows them to be prepared with very little notice.

A few augmentations to the resume, the timely return of the perfectly typed application, and they are ready. The “lifestyle” becomes the “life routine” and makes last-minute preparation unnecessary. This applies to the promotional candidate also.

It is important to understand this concept because, in the long run, it is this willingness to sacrifice and acquire the mental edge that will make a successful candidate.