The Aspiring Firefighter’s 2-Year Plan (3rd Edition)

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Chief Paul Lepore clearly outlines a plan to follow in this comprehensive 275-page book. He identifies the importance of education, how to create a fire department resume (complete with multiple examples), what it takes to complete a basic fire academy, the proper conduct on a ride-along, and what it takes to succeed in the fire station.

The Aspiring Firefighter’s Two-Year Plan (275 pages) clearly explains the path to take to become a firefighter. How to become a firefighter is a great mystery for someone who is unfamiliar with what we are looking for in an entry-level firefighter. This books seeks to level the playing field for people who do not know a firefighter or who are confused as how to proceed on how to become a firefighter. Many candidates spend a great deal of time going in what Chief Lepore considers to be the wrong direction. They waste valuable time focusing on things that are not important to the chief officers who make the firefighter recruit hiring decisions, and not enough time on the things that are important. Chief Lepore uses his 30 years of fire service experience including being involved in the hiring process of over 300 firefighters and provides a thorough checklist that the firefighter recruit can use to gauge him or herself against the competition.

Chief Lepore’s father was not a firefighter and he had to learn these things for himself. He is passing these tips on to you. His goal is shorten the learning curve for the firefighter recruit to clearly understand what path to take to become a firefighter in regards to education, training and experience. This is critically important, as there are literally hundreds of people vying for each open position. Those candidates who have the most to offer will have a greater chance to fill the vacant firefighter recruit positions. The challenge is that candidates frequently have an incorrect view of what is attractive to us in the fire department hiring process. It is imperative that entry-level firefighter recruit candidates maximize their time and effort to build their firefighter resume.

Oftentimes the minimum requirement to be hired as a firefighter recruit is to be 18 years old and possess a high school diploma and a driver’s license. The reality is that with the large number of applicants for every firefighter recruit opening, we can be very selective in whom we choose. This book clearly explains the path a firefighter recruit candidate should take to better position him or herself as a top tier candidate.

Chapters include the following: a day in the life of a firefighter; the hiring process; physical agility exams; the importance of education; how a candidate’s age impacts the hiring decisions; the fire department’s views on tattoos; a recommended firefighter recruit physical fitness routine; firefighter background investigations; sample resumes; the importance of completing a basic fire academy; what to expect for those considering paramedic school; firefighter interview tips; the importance of selecting the right friends; expected conduct when visiting a fire station; how to behave on a fire department ride along; and a firefighter’s wife’s and children’s perspectives. The reader will have a greater insight into why some candidates get hired right away, while others struggle and may ultimately never get hired.