Firefighter Interview Coaching

The fire department interview is THE most important part of the fire department hiring process. Frequently the firefighter interview is weighted 100% of the candidate’s overall core. While the fire department written and firefighter physical agility tests are important, they are usually scored as “pass or fail.” It is for this reason that candidates should focus most of their attention on the firefighter interview. Unfortunately, in the current method of firefighter interview testing there is no way for the candidate to know where they failed the interview. As a result, the firefighter recruit never discover what they did wrong and continue to make the same mistakes over and over. The candidate is at a loss as to how they can improve their score. Firefighter interview coaching with Chief Lepore can help drastically help you improve your firefighter interview scores and help you reach your goal of becoming a firefighter recruit.

Firefighter Interview Coaching

Fire department interview coaching with Chief Lepore can significantly shorten the learning curve by explaining to you how to be successful in the firefighter interview process. What will take your competition years to learn, you will learn in just one 2-hour fire department interview coaching session. Chief Lepore will teach you to break down each question and identify what the firefighter interview raters are looking for in the fire department oral interview. He will reinforce what you are doing right and help you strengthen your weaknesses. He will show you the fire department oral interview process through the eyes of the rater.

A two-hour fire department interview coaching session includes the following:

  • Chief Lepore’s philosophies and ideas of the qualities we are looking for in an entry-level firefighter interview
  • A review and critique of your firefighter resume, including suggestions and real examples of how to improve it
  • 60 minute practice firefighter interview that will be critiqued as we go and recorded on a DVD that will be presented to you at the end of our session
  • Chief Lepore commits to cover all aspects of the fire department oral interview including “tough” fire department interview questions that commonly separate candidates
  • A complete assessment of where you stand in relation to your competition.
  • Private coaching sessions will take place in Dana Point, CA
  • A complete road map of what you need to do to become the top shelf candidate that all fire departments are looking to hire.
  • Cost $275

Please dress business casual and bring a copy your firefighter resume.

In addition, please write down and bring with you the following information:

  • The top 7 things you have done to prepare yourself to become a firefighter recruit.
  • The top 7 reasons you want to become a firefighter.

These questions will be asked on almost every firefighter  interview. It’s important to be comfortable with these common fire department interview questions. Once these questions are finished, you will be able to move on to more complex fire department interview questions.

Private Fire Department Interview Phone Coaching

While Chief Lepore sincerely believes the fire department interview coaching experience is much better in person, he does realize that logistical challenges often make it impractical for a candidate to meet in person.

Contact Chief Lepore by clicking here.

Once a time is agreed upon, you will email your firefighter resume and the answers to the questions listed above to Chief Lepore.

Your fire department interview phone coaching session with Chief Lepore will last for 90 minutes. Chief Lepore will have already critiqued your Fire department resume. He will email a file back to you with comments on how to improve it.



I encourage you to compare a private fire department interview coaching session with me versus the competition. I GUARANTEE you that I am the only ACTIVE chief officer who is currently involved in the hiring process of entry-level firefighters and the development of fire department promotional exams. The others have either been out of the game or are not actively involved in the fire department hiring process.

It’s one thing to work in the fire station and have an opinion on the fire department hiring process, or tailor your process to what people have told you. It’s a completely different experience to be the person conducting the fire department interviews and making the final selections on which people to offer a firefighter position to.

Cost – $275

I have often been asked why the cost of my firefighter interview coaching is less than half the price of my competition. It’s simple; I know that most entry-level firefighter interview candidates are struggling to make ends meet. I believe I can help them reach their goals of becoming an entry-level firefighter recruit and believe I am compensated fairly for my time.

Time – 2 hours

Others advertise 1 – 2 hours of time for your appointment. I guarantee you two full hours. This includes a complete review of your fire department resume and suggestions of how to improve it. I will also help you identify a course of action of what you need to improve your profile. I will generate a DVD of your fire department interview session and my comments of what you are doing right and how you can improve on each fire department question.

We will cover all of the complex fire department interview questions and any questions that you have identified that give you difficulty. I guarantee that you will not leave our meeting until all of your questions have been answered. I am proud to say that I have worked with hundreds of entry-level firefighter candidates and I have never had a dissatisfied customer. I know how important this is to you and I take fire department interview coaching very seriously.

Fire department interview answers

The competition will NOT give you the “right” answers for your fire department interview. They tell you that this is to protect you from giving “Clone” answers (answers that are similar to others). While I agree in part, the fundamental truth is that there are RIGHT and WRONG answers in the fire department interview. These questions and answers are available in my book titled, “Smoke Your Firefighter Interview”.

My peers and I will expect a firefighter interview candidate to be able to provide a strong core answer that covers all of the key points expected in a COMPLETE answer. Without an understanding of the core fire department interview questions and expected answers, my peers on the oral board will see you as just another unprepared candidate. In short, you will get lost in the sea of fire department interview candidates.

Once you understand the fundamental core basics for every type of fire department interview question, you will be easily able to add your personal and life experiences to each answer. This will set you apart from the entry-level firefighter candidates. Without a basic understanding of the basic fire department interview core questions, you will struggle to give complete answers, even ones that include your personal story.

The Fire Service is all about preparation and demonstrating COMPETENCE under pressure. The firefighter interview is the place where you must demonstrate both competence and confidence. Those who lead you to believe that the fire department interview is merely a game, or that you need to turn on a personality when the lights and cameras go on are not doing any justice to you. They are clearly leading you down the wrong path. Those who are playing a game and are not secure in their foundation for their fire department interview answers will not score well. Firefighters are some of the most street savvy people I know. Trying to mislead or bluff a bunch of seasoned firefighters who are serving as raters on the fire department interview panel usually does not work well for a candidate.

This is often the reason candidates never improve their fire department interview skills. They never established a firm foundation for their firefighter interview answers, and as a result, the panel does not see them as a credible entry-level firefighter candidate.

I commit to teach you the skills that you will use to build a solid foundation and decision making process that will help you navigate your way through the complex firefighter interview process. You will be able to use these skills on every fire department interview question that comes your way, even ones that you may have never heard.

Knowing that you are giving the answers that my peers in your firefighter interview will greatly increase your confidence level. This will translate into better fire department interview scores. This will ultimately land you one of the best jobs in the world.

Best of luck to you!

Cost $275.00

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