Receiving a badge and beginning a career as a firefighter is a moment that cannot be described. So much goes into arriving at that point with so much to follow in a successful career. Chief Lepore was an integral part of my development. Without him I may not have been one of the few lucky enough to stand out from the intense competition. While his service is “interview coaching” there is so much more to what he does. I will never forget the personal interest he took in me and the open and honest advice he provided that set me on the right path. Chief Lepore does not offer the “answers” but rather helps you develop the insight and necessary focus to obtain your dream. With all the challenges you face and the decisions you will make, working with Chief Lepore should be a no brainer. Thank you!!!

Jesse Wooton
Probationary Firefighter
Palo Alto Fire Department


Division Chief Lepore, 

I just wanted to let you know that by using your book, I was able to secure a job with Prince George’s County Fire Department in Maryland. When I couldn’t pass the oral boards for several departments, I knew something was wrong. That’s when I bought your book and studied it inside out. I passed the first oral board I had after studying your book which ultimately led to me being accepted to the academy. Thank you for your help!

Justin Chong


Hi Chief Lepore,
I wanted to inform you that I’ve accepted an offer from San Jose Fire Dept. – the academy starts next month! I’m a firm believer that without your coaching I’d still be taking tests and sweating through interviews. Prior to meeting with you, I believed it was purely a numbers game; that by sitting through enough interviews, someone would hire me. What I took away from the session was how woefully unprepared I was and how I was squandering those few interviews I did manage to get. During the very next interview, I was able to confidently relay to the Chief across the table how qualified I was for the job. It was well worth the 500 mile drive down from San Francisco.

Thank you again for all your help.

Samson Wong
Probationary Firefighter
San Jose Fire Department


During the hiring process, we are all looking for that “edge” to help us get the badge. There is little doubt in my mind that Chief Lepore is the “edge”. His dedication and passion to the Fire Service profession keeps him in touch with the changes occurring in departments; allowing him to provide valuable insight for those striving to get hired. I am grateful for the direction and encouragement provided during my interview session with Chief Lepore to assist me in successfully tackling the interview. I attribute my speedy hire to the tips and techniques shared by Chief Lepore. I highly recommend a coaching session to others and look forward to his promotional help when the time comes. Thank you, Chief!

Firefighter Ethan Martinez
Culver City Fire Department


Chief Lepore has an enormous amount of passion for people, and he truly cares about the individuals who get hired in the fire service. His ability to connect with the recruits through private coaching and well-written books is unbelievable. His books are written to help firefighter candidates gain the edge on the competition, and I have seen a huge improvement on the ones that he has mentored. As the reserve coordinator for one of the most successful programs in California, I have seen Chief Lepore’s excellent work firsthand. I highly recommend Chief Lepore to any aspiring firefighter.

Captain Stephen Horner
Santa Ana Fire Department
Reserve Firefighter Coordinator


Chief Lepore,

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and thanks to you. Your coaching and mentoring has been pivitol in attaining my job and keeping it. You truly have a passion to help aspiring firefighters and it shows through your humble approach to candidates. You helped me succeed by showing me that I already had what it takes and by pushing me into the right direction. I will always be in your debt. Thank you for showing me the way.


Darren Jacks
Sacramento City Fire Department


Chief Lepore,

I wanted to thank you again for all of the help you have provided to me during the past two years. The coaching advice and video tape session helped me go from a candidate failing oral boards to a candidate who received multiple offers from my dream departments. Your coaching helped me to learn how to sell myself to an oral board, and to understand what the department was looking for in the entry level candidate. The video tape session demonstrated how I presented myself to an oral board panel. The advice in your books and continued mentoring helped me through the academy and probation and I am happy to report that I am now a career firefighter with my dream department.

I couldn’t be happier where I am at today, the past two years have brought a wealth of positive change and I am happy that I had your advice and mentoring to aid me during this time.


Mike Dulas
Seattle Fire Department


This is Roger Sackaroff, aka the hockey guy from New York. I just wanted to update you on my progress, as I will be graduating from the LAFD training academy on Friday.

I wanted to again thank you for all of your help. Your assistance and advice has been invaluable during each and every step up to this point. I really cannot emphasize enough how important my coaching session was to my success. While the coaching itself was important and incredibly productive, your words of encouragement really gave me the confidence to pursue my dream.

I know the year ahead is going to be very important and very difficult, but I am prepared to work very diligently to be successful.

Thank you again.


Roger Sackaroff
Probationary Firefighter
Los Angeles City Fire Department


Chief Lepore,

I was struggling with the hiring process and was getting frustrated with the lack of results. I had done all of the “box checking” I could do with classes and certifications, but was unable to get to that next level of a job offer.

After just one session with you in our mock interview and video session I was able to see a huge difference in my overall presentation. I was able to sell myself and answer the questions with confidence and relevance. In my very next interview with the Carlsbad Fire Department, I was able to move on to the chief’s and ultimately a job offer.

Kind Regards,

Blaine Morgan
Carlsbad Fire Department


It’s official! I passed the physical, psych, and background, and I am hired with the Dearborn Fire Department. Thanks again for your program. It’s a winner!

Ryan Dickey
Probationary Firefighter I
City of Dearborn Fire Department


I really struggled with interviews. At the advice of a firefighter friend I met Chief Lepore for a private coaching session. I was amazed at how simple the interview process really was. I just couldn’t see it from my vantage point.I applied the tips and techniques he recommended for interview preparation.  I reviewed the material thoroughly.  I even listened to the CDs of Smoke Your Firefighter Interview while driving in my car.Every interview I took reflected a marked improvement as I also applied the information I gleaned from his personal, one on one tutoring sessions.My career is now underway and my test taking days are behind me! I have little doubt that without Chief Lepore’s help I’d still be at my old job on the outside looking in.

Thanks Chief for all the help!


Scott Purcell, Firefigther
Aurora Fire Department
Aurora, Colorado


Chief Lepore,

Prior to my first oral interview, I met with you for a private coaching session. That coaching session was critical in helping me better understand the interview process. With the limited time available to present your strengths during an oral, having your guidance to refine my material was invaluable. I went on to a Chief’s interview after my very first oral and subsequently four more Chief’s interviews during the next seven months. Eight months after my first oral I went into backgrounds with three departments and am happy to report I am now working as a Firefighter.

Thank you again for offering your knowledge and experience. Your services definitely offered an edge in a very competitive job market.

Roy Knickman
Probationary Firefighter, City of Paso Robles


Chief Lepore,

Meeting with you for a private coaching session is one of the greatest things I have done to further my pursuit of a badge. Our session gave me the incredible insight into the testing and interview process. I came away with renewed encouragement and drive and a greater sense of where I need to focus my energy….

Gordon Cromwell
Los Angeles City Fire Department


Chief Lepore,

Just another thanks for helping me out with my interviews. Shortly after I met with you, I had my interview for the Laguna Beach Fire Department. With just 3 days of studying my video and going over what we talked about, I had a huge surge in confidence and ultimately got the job. I have been full time now with Laguna Beach for a week and would just like to say thank you for all of your help.

Thanks again,
Thomas Padden
Laguna Beach Fire Department


Chief Lepore,

I wanted to take this time and thank you for the coaching session we had a couple of weeks ago to help prepare me for my LAFD interview. I felt much more confident and did so much better than my last interview. The information you provided for my preparation was everything I needed to help me be myself and give a well thought out answer to the questions. Your approach and teaching style gave me the edge that I needed to perform well enough to walk out with a background packet.

I ‘m not sure if everyone walks out with a packet or not, but when I did it was a real good feeling.

Again, Thanks Chief Lepore for all your help, it really made a difference in my presentation and how to tell my personal story.

Mike Augustine
Los Angeles City Fire Department


Chief Lapore,

Just wanted thank you for the private coaching session. The two hours we spent together made all the difference in the world. Your process helped me understand exactly what departments are looking for and how to give the best possible interview. I was a firefighter with 2 years experience from the state of Illinois, but I could not figure out why I was not getting hired in CA.

My Chiefs interview was the final stage and I was going up against 10 people for 3 spots so it had to be a great interview. I successfully passed and I am half way through probation on my dream department.

I am positive that without your advice and coaching I would not have been hired. I can honestly say the money I spent on the coaching was the BEST investment I ever made. I HIGHLY recommend your coaching to anybody who truly wants a career in the fire service.

Probationary Fire Fighter, City of Huntington Beach,
Chuck Stubbings


Chief Lepore,

I just wanted to say thanks for your help in preparing for my oral interviews. I knew I needed help on how to present myself to the fire department, but I didn t know how. You showed me how to convey myself and my passion for this job in a relevant way. After many years of hunting for a job, I am finally at my dream dept and off of probation. Your coaching and direction helped me be much more competitive in this grueling process.

Thanks for all your help.

John Morgan
Solana Beach Fire Dept.


Dear Chief Lepore,

I would like to thank you for all your help, support, kind words and great advice in my dream of becoming a full-time firefighter. Our meeting helped me gain confidence and also an understanding of how I present myself during interviews. Your guidance and books gave me the knowledge and the perseverance to go out and make my dream happen.

I was recently hired by Big Bear Lake Fire Department as a full-time firefighter. My dream has come true. I feel my dream would have come true eventually, but with your help and guidance it has happened much quicker than I could have ever asked for. Thank you again.

Nic Turner
Big Bear Lake Fire Department


Chief Lepore,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just been hired as the new Apprentice Firefighter for Ross Fire Dept.

I honestly believe that your coaching drastically helped me improve my interview skills, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught me! Your program is priceless. Thanks a million.

Justin Hanson
Probationary Apprentice Firefighter, Ross Fire Dept.